Become a commercial partner of Italian Wines And More means sharing with us the passion for this project and promoting a new innovative sales model. We are looking for business partners able to develop our brand in Italy and abroad, with our same

enthusiasm and with the desire to market our high quality products.

We firmly believe that only with the sharing of skills and experience can we grow more and more. Entering a new business is certainly a demanding challenge that requires time and resources, but probably for an entrepreneur it is also exciting. Precisely for this reason, our research is aimed at motivated people who are able to meet the challenge.

Do you already work in the trade sector and do you want to renew your business by joining our network?

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to invest some of his time in a new trade format?

Do you work in the hotel / hospitality field and do you think that Italian wines and more is consistent with the needs of your clients?


  1. Send us a mail with your presentation
  2. If you will be selected, we will make a cognitive meeting on skype that will be progressively examined further, until we reach the selection of the people who can become our partners.
  3. Write to and we will evaluate together the possibility of collaboration.

Best Regards Italian Wines And More

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